Philip McGavin has over 35 years detailed national and international experience in the planning, layout, design, modeling, construction and operation of heavy industrial and transport infrastructure. This experience has been in both the private and government sectors. He has specialist local experience in the area of port, road and rail infrastructure having been variously involved with the local Road and Traffic Authority for 8 years and the Port Kembla Port Corporation for 12 years.

Philip is a long standing resident of the Illawarra and has served on numerous regional development committees and business organizations over many years. He was elected as the inaugural President of the Illawarra Business Chamber and the appointed by the government as the first Managing Director of the Port Kembla Port Corporation.

Philip sees the expansion of the region’s rail, road and import/export transport infrastructure as pivotal to job creation, increased manufacturing and the overall sustainability and prosperity of the Illawarra economy. The Illawarra’s regional adjacency to the large and expanding population centres of Western Sydney presents a great opportunity that should be harvested – improved road and rail links will enable that to occur.