Around 20 representatives from the Aged Care, Disability, and Community Service (ACDC) sectors gathered with representatives from various training and employment organisations to work on the issue of workforce shortages within the ACDC sectors.

Stuart Laird from RDA Illawarra presented a summary of an employer workforce survey that indicated that the key areas of concern lay within the Aged and Disability sectors, with local employers indicating they were expecting FTE workforce growth rates of 35% (Aged) and 43% (Disability) within the next 3 years. Feedback at the workshop suggested these figures were conservative. Specific roles were also identified as being particularly problematic for recruitment or retention.

Attendees at the event then participated in workshops planning the best way forward with a series of activity plans aimed at addressing workforce shortage issues. These activity plans will be used to guide the direction of the ACDC Workforce Development Project that Stuart is working on.