RDA Illawarra believes that Education and Skills Development is essential to assist our region overcome its traditionally higher-than-average unemployment rate.
Fostering regional leadership will assist in articulating and delivering the vision for the future of the region. Leadership is a driver of economic growth, employment and community well-being, and we recognise the need for regional leaders with a sound knowledge of the key issues, opportunities and challenges that face the region.

We are working with key stakeholders to look at innovative ways to address leadership succession in the region. We believe the time is right to give attention to this issue, given the large number of baby boomer business leaders nearing retirement age.

We have looked at developing a new style of business, community and civic leadership that is more visionary, inclusive and solution focussed. By participating in such a leadership program, high performing leaders will be retained in the region and regional capacity will be built through regionally focussed learning experiences. RDA Illawarra has brought clarity to the role of leadership in the Illawarra and developed a dynamic network of leaders from the community and business sectors.

RDA Illawarra also recognises value of small or micro entrepreneurial start-up companies and the need for a skilled and prepared workforce in order to attract new businesses to the region, and will seek opportunities to make training and education available to unemployed and disadvantaged residents in order to prepare them for future employment opportunities.

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We are committed to implementing the following initiatives to promote education & skills development in our region:

  • The continuation of the Leadership Illawarra Program with our partners The Illawarra Connection and the Sydney Business School
  • Continue support for the Small Business Clubs operating across the region
  • Seek opportunities to attract and support small to medium enterprises and micro-businesses
  • Seek opportunities for training and education for unemployed and disadvantaged community members in employment growth areas.

Our Board Members, Leanne Taylor and Dianne Murray, co-chair the Sub-Committee on Education and Skills Development. Would you like to know more about any of our projects? Want to know how you can be involved? Get in touch with us today and we can tell you more.

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